CFA has partnered with The Connecticut Restaurant Association and The Connecticut Franchisee Association to build a new digital media campaign

Here is a video and an excerpt from the website:

Running a business in Connecticut is hard enough as it is: Now is Not the Time to Make it Harder

Proposals to increase the minimum wage and create a paid family and medical leave program, would stifle economic growth, kill job opportunities, and both employers and taxpayers alike would be on the hook for the tens of millions of dollars it would cost to make it all work.

The very workers these policies aim to help will see fewer hours and take home less pay, unless we act responsibly.

Paid Family Leave, $15 Minimum Wage Can Only Work if We Work Together

Despite the negative impact a significant increase in the minimum wage and paid family and medical leave program would have on Connecticut’s economy, some lawmakers are intent on passing them – but the reform suggestions below could mitigate the disaster.

  1. Slow the Increase in Minimum Wage
  2. Expand the State’s Training Wage
  3. Say No to Indexing
  4. Make Paid Family Leave Sustainable
  5. Do More to Discourage Fraud

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