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Price Chopper/Market 32 cuts food waste and emissions

With the help of the Invafresh fresh food retail platform, regional supermarket chain Price Chopper/Market 32 says it prevents 20 tons of fresh food from being wasted each week and is projected to prevent more than 3,000 tons of food waste over the next three years.

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Legislative Update

Free Meal Sites Open to Children in Connecticut

A healthy diet is crucial to a kid’s performance in and outside of school. CT Summer Meals is a program that helps fight youth hunger through no-cost meals throughout the summer.

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Connecticut Details Incentives for Energy Storage Program

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont, D, has set a goal for the state to achieve 100% zero-carbon energy by 2040. DEEP laid out a draft plan this year to meet the goal, which it said would require demand response and storage incentives to address the intermittency of wind and solar production

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