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Member News

Big Y Appoints New President/CEO and COO

The board of directors of Big Y Foods Inc. has revealed that Charles L. D’Amour will become executive chairman of the board, while the roles of president and CEO will transition to Michael P. D’Amour, and those of EVP and COO will move to Richard D. Bossie.

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Community News

What are the most popular grocery chains in Connecticut?

As Big Y World Class Market pounces on vacant Amazon Fresh storefronts in Westport and Brookfield, new data shows the Massachusetts chain is outclassing many competitors across Connecticut on one major criterion — repeat visits by regulars. Big Y led Connecticut in December for the average frequency at which individual shoppers returned to stores during the month, […]

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Legislative Update

Lamont’s plan keeps CT budget within guardrails, pays down $500M in debt

Gov. Ned Lamont stayed well within Connecticut’s fiscal guardrails Wednesday, recommending a $26.1 billion budget that erases $500 million in bonded debt and invests in child care and education while largely holding the line in most other places. The spending plan for the fiscal year starting July 1 increases base aid for public colleges and universities […]

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Study: If You Let People Buy Beer at Grocery Stores, the Liquor Stores Still Survive

Repealing “blue laws” and allowing Sunday alcohol sales has much less of a negative effect than doomsayers predicted. That’s according to a new research paper by Cristina Connolly and Alyssa McDonnell of the University of Connecticut, Marcello Graziano of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and Sandro Steinbach of North Dakota State University. The […]

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