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The Connecticut Food Association (CFA) has been a powerful voice for the food industry since 1939.  We represent major chains, independent grocers, distributors, wholesalers, brokers, manufacturers, and specialty food producers in Connecticut.  Our government affairs agenda focuses on providing our members with the best legislative representation possible.  We are very proud of our proven track record on critical industry issues.

The CFA has been a huge asset in drafting pro-industry legislation such as item price exemption and Sunday sales of alcoholic beverages plus informing members of and minimizing detrimental legislation.  During recent sessions, we defeated initiatives for expansion of the bottle law, shifted the burden of the Husky health care program to the private sector, and supported the taxation of paper and plastic checkout bags.  By actively promoting the use of reusable grocery bags, composting, and single stream recycling, CFA has helped change the industry’s reputation from anti-to pro-environment.

The legislative climate in Hartford remains anti-business.  The Governorship and key leadership positions in the General Assembly are controlled by individuals with strong ties to labor and environmental groups.  Taxes increased and Connecticut became the first state in the nation to pass legislation mandating paid sick leave.  2016 is an election year and that means incumbents will be pandering to their constituents.  In short, it will be a very trying year.  Being a part of the association means that you can lend your voice to the political process, especially important in these times when most legislative proposals have some impact on your ability to do business in the state.

Moreover, we also know that networking opportunities are crucial to grow and sustain business.  Through our diverse representation, we have developed numerous contacts and resources that our members will be able to take advantage of.  Whether you are looking to establish new business rapport or strengthen old ties, these goals can be accomplished more readily at one of our friendly networking events: our annual membership meeting, golf tournament, Hall of Fame dinner, or Person of the Year Banquet.  CFA staff can also help you set up appointments with our members.

At the CFA, we are devoted to giving you outstanding value for your dues dollar and upholding our reputation for legislative excellence on behalf of the food industry.  We hope we can present you with an understanding of how, together, we can work towards achieving an economic and political climate conducive to our mutual business interests.  Join the CFA today!