CFA has joined the Trinity College Catalyst Internship Program, which combines leadership and training with a substantive, paid, eight-week internship at a Hartford-based organization.


The Trinity College Career Development Center (CDC) debuted a new internship grant program last year called the Catalyst Internship Program, which offers opportunities for career advancement and leadership development. This program offers $3,500 in grants to eligible students with an 8-week internship. The CDC views this as an excellent opportunity for students who are pursuing summer internships that are low-income or unpaid for them to be provided with financial support.

The Catalyst Internship requires students to obtain an 8-week internship that enables them to “make intellectual and practical connections between skills/knowledge developed through a liberal arts education and skills/knowledge required for a particular career.”

Three Trinity College interns have successfully completed their internships with the Connecticut Food Association over the past several months and we look forward to our fourth intern starting in the Fall.