The state of Connecticut has opened its vaccine registration portal for employers to register for the COVID-19 vaccination in phase 1b.

The state of CT has opened its vaccine registration portal.
The Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS) is a secure, web-based application that is by invitation only to register your organization: COVID-19 Vaccinations and Employers. You must complete this first step if you expect your workforce to receive the COVID-19 vaccination in the second wave.
Each Employer/Organization must have an Employer Coordinator who can identify critical workers who need to receive the COVID-19 vaccination and who will be responsible for uploading that workforce roster into VAMS.  Once registered – Employer Coordinators will be invited to a virtual training which covers the VAMS process and details how your workforce can access the vaccine.
At this point you should be registering your company – VAMS will confirm said registration and at that point you will have done everything you can for now.  Retail food stores and their supplier network are grouped in Phase 1B. According to Governor Lamont the phase 1B rollout will happen in March and aims to vaccinate over 800,000 people.