Labonne’s Market, a chain of locally owned Connecticut stores, has launched a program where every penny adds up in a big way to help others.

Labonne’s Market started a round-up program with customers.

At the register, if an order came to $19.20, a customer could round up and the 80 cents would go to local food banks.

Labonne’s then matched the first $10,000.

“I really think, in this time, when people are hurting for food, they really stepped up. There were people that were giving $100 bills or saying, ‘Put a hundred dollars on my order’. They know a lot of people are hurting. Single moms trying to feed their families and all the money is staying here in Prospect, Watertown, Woodbury, and Salisbury,” Robert Labonne, president and CEO of Labonne’s Market, tells us.

With the round up donations from all four stores and the company match, Labonne’s raised a grand total of $21,761.

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