Quantum Biopower announced today that it is hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, November 15, 2017.

The ribbon cutting ceremony will¬†celebrate the completion of its anaerobic digester and Connecticut Recycles Day. Quantum’s facility will receive source separated organic waste from supermarkets, food processors, schools and banquet halls and turn that waste into renewable electricity and compost.

The facility is in response to the State of Connecticut’s food waste diversion mandate enacted several years ago, which requires that certain food waste generators producing more than 2 tons of food waste per week or more separate out that waste from their other garbage and send it to a compost facility or digester for recycling.

Quantum Biopower’s digester has been under development for three years and is the first facility to be built in Connecticut. Once up and running, the facility will divert 40,000 tons per year of food waste from the waste stream for more environmentally responsible management through recycling. Each year, Connecticut manages more than two million tons of trash, 25% (500,000 tons) of which is food waste.

The ribbon cutting event will take place on Tuesday, November 15th, 2015 at Quantum Biopower in Southington. Tours will be offered to invited guests, including state and local officials. The facility is planned to begin operations by the end of the year.