CPA firm BlumShapiro is offering CFA members a complimentary 2-hour session to chart your business course for 2018.

During CFA’s recent Grocers Symposium Michael Pelletier, BlumShapiro Partner delivered a presentation on technology trends in the food and beverage industry – addressing topics like machine learning, facial recognition, beacons and blockchain. Many of these technologies will be game changers for grocers as well as suppliers and will be the disruptive force in how business is done in the near future.

We’d like to help you chart your course for 2018 and beyond, and help you to understand how these technologies can play a specific role in transforming your business. To help do this, Blum Shapiro is offering CFA members a complimentary 2-hour working session where we will discuss your specific business challenges with your leadership team and begin envisioning how these technologies can be an enabling factor in moving your business forward.

Watch the presentation here.

Please contact Michael Pelletier to schedule your complimentary working session:



Michael C. Pelletier, MBA, MSCS
Partner, Chief Innovation Officer
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