The Connecticut Food Association (CFA) wholeheartedly supports this bipartisan federal measure that helps mitigate food insecurity by making it easier for food banks to collect and distribute food to our neighbors and Connecticut families in need.The Food Donation Improvement Act of 2019, introduced by U.S. Senators Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Toomey (R-Pa.), would amend current federal law to extend liability protections for qualifying direct food donations as well as food sold at deeply reduced prices.

“Donating food to our neighbors in need should be as easy as possible. This is an important bill that helps address the growing problem of food insecurity in Connecticut and across the country,” CFA President Wayne Pesce said. “Currently, donors are only afforded protections if the ultimate recipient gets the food free-of-charge. However, new and innovative models are designed to repurpose food and market it at deeply reduced prices. By extending liability protection, this law makes it easier for those who wish to donate and sell food at reduced prices, which benefits the community as a whole.”

Specifically, the Food Donation Improvement Act would:
• Extend liability protections to food-donating entities (grocers, caterers, schools, etc.) and food banks for food sold at a reduced price.
• Extend liability protections to qualified donors who give food directly to needy individuals and families without going through a non-profit intermediary.
• Require USDA to issue regulations clarifying the quality and labeling standards donated food must meet.

“As a result, millions of tons of food go to waste while Americans who are food insecure continue to go hungry,” said U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.). “The Food Donation Improvement Act closes this gap by clarifying liability protections, while enabling more timely and efficient food donations.”

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